Monday, July 22, 2013

Underground Railroad- FUNDED via Kickstarter

I got this email from Academy Games today. I first read of this game via a link on facebook and responded that the game looks like it is pretty buys, sort of multipersonalitied! I also pointed out some possible ahistorical problems.. However, the game looks interesting enough, I wanted to let my readers, few as they are, know it is around. The problem I think I will have with the game is that it is a COOPERATIVE game, and I don't often like those. 'Freedom' on Kickstarter 'Freedom - The Underground Railroad' exceeds its funding goal in the first 24 hours! Freedom is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players who take on the roles of Abolitionists striving to end slavery. Cooperatively, you build and finance the Abolitionist cause, while helping to move Slaves from southern plantations to freedom in Canada. Large Game Board with the Economic and Political engine on the left and the Underground Railroad movement and Slave Markets on the right. You will be countered by Slave Catchers that react to every move you make, along with opposing laws and social events that you must together react to and overcome in order to win. Slave Catchers react by moving along their specific paths towards Slave movements. Captured Slaves are sent back to the Slave Markets, which re-populate the Southern Plantations each round. If players have not moved enough Slaves out of the Plantations to freedom, excess incoming slaves are moved to the Slaves Lost Card,which when filled ends the game in a loss for the players. You may purchase Abolitionist Cards to help your cause against Slavery. However, Opposition cards may be revealed and can devastate your plans, so you must counter them quickly! Freedom is a challenging game that will keep you and up to three of your friends playing over and over.

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