Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Priority Mail Usually Works for Me

As a frequent buyer and seller of wargames on Ebay, etc. I usually prefer to use priority mail for most of my shipping. It is fairly simple to add tracking/delivery confirmation and therefore I can know where my package is whether I am sending or receiving.

Until now. This last week I experienced the first shortfall with priority mail. I purchased a copy of the classic "Hannibal at Bay" from a user on Consimworld. He shipped the package promptly and provided me with a tracking number. That was last Monday. This Monday, when the package still hadn't arrived I checked the tracking number only to be told that the package was delivered at 12:46 P.M. on Thursday, March 5. The sad thing is that this package was not delivered to our house.

This minor crisis (Hey, I'm about to be out $20.00- including the shipping) led me to call the United States Postal Service. Of course, such a call really accomplishes nothing. Then, yesterday, after receiving no response, I placed a call to the local post office. Once again, someone took my information and promised to return my call after 5 P.M. Of course, I never received that phone call and the package still hasn't shown up.

I can't blame the shipper. The post office says they made the delivery. So what do I do?

In the future, I can pay for postal insurance and I wouldn't be out my $20.00, but that isn't really the issue. So what is the issue? I want my game! So I guess I will cry like a baby to the post office again today. After that, I guess I'll just do all that I can to keep myself from going postal.

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